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friendly reminder that smoking weed everyday all day is actually bad for your health 

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10 Old Fashioned Dating Habits We Should Make Cool Again
  • 1. Coming to the door to pick someone up.
  • 2. Trying to dress really nicely for a date.
  • 3. Bringing flowers or other tokens of affection to the first date.
  • 4. Going dancing that’s not grinding on a grimy club floor.
  • 5. Straightforwardly asking someone out and not calling it “hanging out.”
  • 6. Additionally, being clear about when you’re “going steady.”
  • 7. Romantic gestures like writing poems.
  • 8. Turning electronics off and just being with one another.
  • 9. The general concept of asking permission for things.
  • 10. Not assuming sex is to be had at any point in time.

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Dear you,
This is the beginning to the end
We were wonderful together
But it’s time to close the short story that we were
There is no happy ending here, just another cliff hanger
A dung beetle is here to clean up the shit that happened
Here to clean up the messes our heart made
Our friends left to piece us together
We are both broken hearted
Mr. & Mrs. Humpty Dumpty
We were politicians from different parties
arguing at everything and anything
Republican and Democratic
Different viewpoints on everything
We were soldiers from opposing sides and
when we collided in battle it was nuclear and dangerous
We waved the white flag, thrashed it in the air desperately
calling an ending to something that was hurting
The results left us with exoskeletons
to protect us from anything that can harm
A shield against others, our hearts are wounded
Dogs with their tails in between their legs
Hiding away from everything that proposed the idea of hurt,
We both studied oceanography
Studied each others ocean
Became familiar with our deep unknown secrets
Swam in them and fell in love
The memories that were made are now burnt out stars
Only a dim remembrance of something that was once lovely
Our promises going down the toilet
Reminding me you can’t keep a person chained to their promise
They are bound to break it anyway
So let it go
The lessons learned are written down in my notes
A precaution to myself
Do not fall in love
Do not fall in love unless you are prepared for the catastrophe
Because there is always a beginning and an end
And I guess this is where we stop
I hope you cherish our moments and remember what was learned
This is the end The Beginning Of The End by Kimberly Cruz-Alvarado (via kingdomofkim)

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